Built-in Fireplaces

The built in unit has a decorative edging around three sides of the unit to hide the gap between it and the opening wall.  The angled smoke gather on top of the unit, into which the flues mount, is removable.

If, in the future, you need to refurbish the unit, all you need to do is take out two bolts holding the gather in place and the unit will slide out of the opening, unlike other types of braai.  This saves you having to break your brick work apart to remove the braai.

The built in units are more subtle as they are enclosed.

The various units are:

  • Hex in flat back or double sided
  • Universal in standard or double sided
  • Oblique in standard, double sided or corner
  • Conical in standard, flat bar or corner
  • Onyx in standard or corner
  • The Universal unit includes a coal grate and pan, whereas all other units include the grate and pan as well as flues and a cowl.