Free-standing Fireplaces

The free standing unit is mounted onto a pedestal that doubles as a wood storage bin.  As there is no need to cover any gaps, this unit doesn’t have an edging on it and because it’s free standing and easy to move, the gather is a permanent fixture on the braai.

We can make our braais out of three different materials:

  • Mild steel (sprayed black)
  • 3CR12 mixture of mild and stainless steel (sprayed black)
  • 316 Stainless steel (polished)

The fireplaces are divided into two categories, freestanding and built in.

The freestanding units can be built in its standard form, with a flat back or an angled back to fit into a corner space.

Some units can be built double sided, with opening at both sides, which is perfect for a built in unit.

Most of the units range in size from 600 mm wide to 1200 mm wide.

The free standing unit is placed on a fire proof surface with the flues visible in the room.

Corner Onyx

Flat Back Onyx






Flat Back Conical

Flat Back Cylindrical

Roundhouse & Storage